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Full-service white glove transportation includes inside pickups by one or more drivers. In uniform, drug tested, background checked, and customer service focused. I have built my white glove pricing structure with sections that reflect multiple options. 

   This inside pickup includes protection as needed for naked equipment utilizing blankets, shrink-wrap, bubble-wrap, cardboard sleeves, skids, cartons, tape and other material as needed. This is standard protocol and clearly defined by a standard operating procedures (SOP). 

   The inside pickup also includes handling equipment, pallet jack, floor protection, kick back dollies, two wheel dollies and other equipment as needed. This is also standard protocol for true white glove service.

   The loading process and equipment utilized for true white glove linehaul transportation from pickup to delivery point is:

* Air ride trailer with full horizontal and vertical logistics on-board equipment (blanket pads, load-bars, straps, and decking bars). The driver is qualified and does all the loading, protection, and full inventory detailing the condition of product. My logistics trailer can accommodate the use of decking bars for skids to be safely loaded on a deck instead of one on top of the other. This allows better load factor, controls line haul costs, and is safer for the product since it eliminates damage created by loading skids on skids.

* Transportation to destination is direct. In the shortest time possible. 

* Delivery can be made with inside placement, un-packaging, debris removal, light assembly as these are standard services. All of these services are provided by a true white glove professional.

* Delivery can also be made utilizing a lift gate for ground placement and/or inside delivery.

   In short, white glove transportation involves shipments that are unique and require special handling. Highly trained personnel, specialized handling equipment, and specialized transportation equipment are all absolutely necessary to execute the very specific customer requirements that are typical of white glove transportation.

   Don’t settle for anything less than true white glove service.

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